Understanding Structural Analysis

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Structural analysis in vehicles is very important to ascertain the safety of a particular object or building. Basically, structural analysis is a way of using both physical and mathematical laws in order to best predict how structures would respond to a set of variables. It's sole aim is to ascertain the durability of the device and how effective is it in keeping its users safe from harm. Aside from vehicles, the recipients of structural analysis include buildings, ships, aircrafts and bridges.

There are different methods in which structural analysis is approached. Following are the three methods used in an analysis.

Strenght of Materials
The most common method, testing the durability of the materials is fairly easy compared to the other classifications. As the name suggests, this method tests out just how capable a structure is of enduring different levels of pressure in its system.

Elasticity Method
As the name suggests, this method is concerned with elastic materials of any shape. The solutions for this particular method are taken from linear elasticity. Most of the components modeled for this include shafts, beams and shells.

Numerical Approximation
One of the most common methods used for numerical approximation is the Finite Element Method which defines a structure to have a finite number of connections between them. These connections are taken into account and their relation to each other in terms of stiffness and flexibility in order to arrive at a conclusive result.

Those are the three concerns in structural analysis although the approach itself encompasses more than that. Currently, there are softwares released regarding this topic that allows constructors to build their structures without having to go through all the complexities of the approach. Due to the fact that the system is completely computerized, builders are not only assured of fewer flaws but also of a shortened time period in their projects.

With the use of structural analysis in projects, people gain access to materials that are safe for use starting from cars to buildings. Currently, the methods of structural analysis are stil being improved to provide a higher quality of materials and equipment for different industries.

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Understanding Structural Analysis

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This article was published on 2010/12/31