Why You Need Fundamental Analysis

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Fundamental analysis is based on the factors that drive an economy. It assumes that there are supplies and demands for currencies. These factors can be predicted based on this information. Anything is a factor in fundamental analysis as long as it does not employ price.

Some of the areas that are covered are the economic state of the country, the monetary policy of the country and the forces that drive supply and demand such as social political and economic. This can mean interest rates, inflation, unemployment, gross domestic product, housing starts and many others forex trading tips serve as indicators of price action.

Based on all of the information gathered from the above one should be able to forecast what is happening and what will happen with the currency of that country. Each country will release information on a regular basis. Each announcement should be noted on the calendar so that you can find out what it is and how will affect you.

Certain information will have volatile effects on the market, some will cause some changes and others will have no effect. As an informed trader, at some point you will know what each of these things mean and what to do with that information.

Fundamental analysis involves anything other than price action. Fundamental analysis along with technical analysis is the important basics in forex trading. Each of these work together and knowing them is invaluable. When you get to where you are trading regularly, you will set up the best forex trading plan based on these factors. Do all that you can to learn about each of them and you will set yourself up for a win. The more that you study the more successful you will be. If you think this is a way to make a quick buck, you will be surprised when you lose all your money. It takes learning a lot of information and being able to apply it.
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Why You Need Fundamental Analysis

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This article was published on 2010/12/30